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A Tuned Piano is a Played Piano

I have spent most of my life at the piano - from rock bands in Fargo, North Dakota to piano bars in Japan and South Korea. To help me fix and tune the saloon pianos that I needed to use, I apprenticed with a Piano Tuner in Fargo over 35 years ago. Now I provide piano tuning services in the Vancouver BC area.

When I first see your piano, I spend two hours making sure your instrument sounds and works as well as it can and will remain in tune as long as possible. In addition to piano tuning, I do "in-home" piano repair and maintenance.

Rediscover how irresistible your piano sounds and feels when you maintain it regularly⥣ause a tuned piano becomes a played piano!

Get Inspired!

Look at the Inspired Piano section of this website with tips and resources to help you keep playing your piano regularly.

Are you selling or buying a piano?

Also on my website is a list of things to consider when buying a piano listed in a local paper or on craigslist. There is also a checklist of what to do if you are selling a piano.

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