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Maintenance Sessions

Every piano needs extra work every 2 or three years. Your car needs oil changes twice a year and every two or three years it needs further maintenance and the same is true with your piano.

In a typical half-day or full-day session I will:

  • Tune the piano
  • Clean and vacuum out the dust and spiders
  • Lubricate high wear areas in the keys and action
  • Thoroughly clean the plastic or ivory keys
  • Adjust and remove squeaks in the pedals
  • Check and tighten the many screws in the action
  • In the remaining time I will touch up the regulation on the action and any other things that I think need attention.

    I offer very reasonable rates on half and full-day sessions.

    Benefits of full maintenance on your piano:

  • The piano is kept in top performance condition
  • This prevents wear inside the piano
  • We keep on top of any potential problems with your piano.

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