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Fixing Unwanted Noises in Your Piano

One of the most difficult aspects of piano service is chasing down and eliminating an unwanted noise.

Although it can be hard to tell, often a "buzz" or a "rattle" is something other than the piano itself. Take a look around to see if there is anything on top or nearby the piano that is causing the buzz.

Another common cause of a buzzes in pianos is the hinged parts of the piano. If you can trace the sound to one of these parts, press on the hinge or the part to get the buzz to quit. You can tighten the screws to solve the problem. Be careful and use a proper sized screwdriver so you don't damage the screws.

Make sure to tell me if you want to find and fix a noise so I can schedule enough extra time. Calmness and plenty of time are needed to go after noises in the piano.

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