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Replacing Damper Felts

As the piano ages and is played frequently the wool felt on the dampers compresses and wears. This causes the dampers to be less efficient than they used to be and the notes will ring longer than they should.

Worn dampers should be replaced to restore the piano to its proper damping efficiency. This is often a procedure that needs to be taken care of before other repairs can be made to the instrument. This is a job that should be done in the shop because it can be a bit messy however; replacing a partial set can be handled on site. After changing the dampers the action requires some further adjustment (regulation).

Benefits of replacing damper felts:

  • The notes will no longer ring longer than wanted
  • You will feel like playing the piano more often
  • The piano is worth more whether it is to you or if you plan to sell the instrument

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    New Dampers

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