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Replacing the Key bushings

The key bushings in all pianos wear out eventually. Each key is kept in place by two vertical pins attached to the keybed. One is located at the center of the key (balance rail) and one at the front of the key, under your fingers (front rail). The key has felt glued on both sides of the holes to fit snugly against the pins and keep the key in line. After many hours of play this felt wears away and the key becomes loose and often times, noisy. The felt wears gradually so it is hard to notice when the keys become looser.

To fix this all the keys need to be taken to the shop to remove and replace the felt. You certainly will notice the difference when the keys are consistently solid and much quieter after re-bushing.

Examples of worn key bushings
left is the front rail and the right is the balance rail

image of front rail bushings image of balance rail bushings

Benefits of replacing the Key bushings:

  • The keys feel like new
  • The keys are quieter
  • The piano action can be regulated to a higher specification

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