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Selling Your Piano Online

Craigslist or a local paper is a great place to sell a used piano. Some piano shops do sell pianos on consignment but you won't make as much and products move quite well on Craigslist. The local paper ad should have an abbreviated listing of the particulars.

On online classifieds like Craigslist you can include:

That the piano has been well cared for If you bought the piano new and have had it tuned yearly would mean that you have taken good care of it and it is in good shape.

Include particulars such as:

  • Date of manufacture By lifting the top of the piano and peering inside with a flashlight you can usually find the serial number and sometimes the model number above the tuning pins. In a Grand these numbers are under the music desk. The serial number is usually anywhere from 4 to 8 digits. If you send this number to me I can look it up in my Pierce Piano Atlas and find the date the piano was made.
  • Model number This should be in the same area as the serial number. Some pianos don't have a model number and just go by size.
  • Size of the piano In a grand piano this is the length from the very edge of the closed lid to the end of the board in front of the keys (you will need to eyeball this one). In an upright it is from the floor to the top of the piano.
  • Finish On most newer pianos, the finish is polyester. Older pianos or rebuilt pianos are usually lacquer. Include what type of wood and its general condition. Old piano finish gets an "alligator-like" texture. This is expected and is not unattractive.
  • Condition of the keys This probably can be shown with a photograph.

    Tune the piano You might think that this is a waste because you are just selling it and it will be moved soon. However, having the piano sound really great is important when selling. Let me know that you are selling and I can do a few extras to make it more saleable like cleaning. You can even offer to share the price of a tuning with a potential buyer.

    Photographs Include digital photos of the piano. Make sure they are clear and show the piano. Include the keys, front view (get the whole piano), side view and close-ups of any beautiful scrollwork or inlays.

    Be honest You don't need to reveal everything but don't fib either.

    Check the pricing Another reference on buying pianos is eBay Piano Buying Guide. Click on any hyperlinks of the piano names or types to bring up all of their listings on eBay. By checking these prices, you can come up with an idea of a reasonable asking price.

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