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Piano Care

A well-kept piano can last more than a human lifetime. Iíve seen many 80 to 120 year-old pianos that sound and play wonderfully because their owners have cared for them and kept them maintained.

The blending of natural materials such as wood, metal, buckskin, and wool "compose" a piano. These materials naturally change and wear over time. The steel strings stretch and become corroded. The wool felt (used for hammers, dampers, etc.) compresses, wears and breaks down. The buckskin (used for friction areas on wooden parts) dries out, compresses and wears out. The wood soundboard and bridges can develop cracks and the finish can eventually fade and crack.

To compensate for these changes and wear to your piano I make adjustments and replace parts when needed. Some of these adjustments can be done during regular tuning visits and during these visits any potential problems can be assessed before they become serious. This is why it is important to have your piano serviced regularly.

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