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Piano Repair

During the piano tuning process I assess the condition of your instrument. I will let you know about damage or worn out parts and suggest solutions. I often suggest procedures to make the piano perform or sound better. There are often different solutions to problems and I work hard in explaining to you the cost and the benefits of each solution. The recommendations I make are related to the pianoís worth and potential.

There are a couple of terms used by piano technicians concerning putting a worn piano into working condition.

Reconditioning is the process of getting your piano back in performance condition by cleaning, repairing, and adjusting your instrument in your home. Sometimes I take the action or keys out to work on in the shop but the piano itself stays put. I give you an estimate of what needs to be done, the cost and the benefits of the work to be done.

Rebuilding involves taking the piano to a technicianís shop for a complete inspection, disassembly and repair replacing all worn parts. If your piano has deteriorated beyond simple reconditioning (and the piano is worth it) it may need to be rebuilt. The piano is reassembled in the shop; tested and adjusted to perform as well as or better than when it was new.

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