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If you call a few different piano technicians you will find the pricing quite varied. You will find their service and the amount of time they spend at your piano quite varied too.

I strive to provide the best tuning value a solid, thorough tuning for a reasonable price. If you are looking for the cheapest tuning there are other technicians who are less dedicated to your piano and charge less than I do.

I always like to spend two hours on a piano service call, especially when I see the instrument for the first time. I need to tune the whole piano at least twice to ensure that it is at the desired pitch and that the piano's tune will be as stable as possible. During the tuning I might make a few minor adjustments to the piano and assess if there are repairs or regulation the piano could use.

On pianos that have not been tuned in a very long time or that have problems that the customer identifies in the initial call I can spend more time than the standard two-hour service call. All pianos need extra time by a technician. I bill my time after the two-hour service at a reasonable hourly rate. I also offer reasonable rates on half and full-day sessions.

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